About Us

About Us

I2Speed is an IT service company specialized in Web designing, Web/Mobile application development and other internet-based services. We provide solutions for online Telecom, web applications, Crowdfunding/Fundraising applications, custom business applications, ERP implementations, cloud, AI, data analytics, E-Commerce, Direct response marketing and experienced in research & development.

We offering educational/academic products, IT/soft skills training & placement services.

Our team brings forth a unique blend of industry knowledge and ability to provide low cost solutions, which has helped I2Speed evolve as one of the leading technical solutions providers in this industry.

With software development Centre in Bengaluru, India. I2Speed has the ability to conveniently offer industry knowledge and expertise in analyzing the requirements securely and simultaneously provide you the cost cutting benefits with a highly affordable development team. With resources available, we work with you to design/development a suitable model that fits your needs.

Our goal is to work with you as a long term and trusted partner and we believe that your success will ultimately make us successful. Our software development teams become an extension of your in-house IT team, dedicated to meeting your software development needs today, and growing with you as your needs evolve.

Between our highly qualified resources with business and technical expertise and highly skilled developers, we are able to create teams according to your requirements, with exactly the skills and experience you need. Whether you need business expert to review your requirements, I2Speed can meet your needs quickly and affordably.



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